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Santa Clause in the HOOKLESS ad

    Now a holiday season is coming!
    At this time of the year, I display the following flamed ad
    issued by HOOKLESS Fastener Company in my living room. 

    The image can be found on page 26 in the book ZIPPER GEAR
    It was made in 1927, when one year before the name of TALON had appeard. 
    On the same year, the aviation industry around the world was fired up by the news 
    that Charles A. Lindbergh succeeded in a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. 

    In this ad, Santa Clause dressed in a red leather flight suit stands before a biplane, 
    instead of raindeers hooked up to a sleigh.

    There are two characteristics on the flyer. 
    First, its way of promoting.
    HOOKLESS Company aimed to expand the zipper by using a style of listing up
    its application products. Please refer to the following enlarged text. 

    HOOKLESS Company shows various kinds of goods fitted the latest zipper
    that can cover from children to grown-ups, type of indoor to outdoor.
    There were not invented separable zippers used for jackets yet,
    but the firm clearly tried to stimulate consumers' appetite with the list.

    Second, the ad was put into some thought by the company.
    HOOKLESS Company made an unusual decision to place the colored ad
    which cost a lot. It was needed to make differences from its competitors. 
    HOOKLESS Company wanted to say, at bottom, 
    "Purchase only the goods with zippers inscribed HOOKLESS!"

    HOOKLESS's zipper business had finally started to get on the right track
    after a long struggle, but it again faced with harmful rumors
    because low-quality zippers producted by other companies suddenly went around the market.
    HOOKLESS Company was afraid that its zippers to be seen as inferior 
    and ended up a decline in sales.  

    Although the Santa Clause clad in a suit and boots with HOOKLESS zippers
    giggles merrily on the ad
    the market competition among the zipper industry had grown severe.

    Love and Peace,

    Happy holidays! 
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